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I hate to google after an error and to find only gurus that give you metalink note numbers. Why? Because my company got borred to wait till the guys from Oracle support consider to fix our issues and decided to work with other company. So no longer access to metalink. Bye-bye. And not all the time I have time to enter a new incident and wait for answer from the other company.

So, I decided to share here the cases where I found solutions and google was able to return only the note numbers.

Also, if you have a question, I might have an answer. Just leave a comment and I will reply both here and by email.

Sales order release:

Inv_Transfer_Order_PVT.Trolins: error in validate_attributes1234. Read the line that is above. It could suggest something. In my case it was ATTRIBUTES: Validating to sub for xfer: 9300. This is the shipping stage. The item was restricted locators and was not assigned to the subinventory 9300 + locator.

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